Check your posture

Are you practicing good posture? You can look pounds thinner and more confident with good posture.

You know you have good posture when you can draw a straight line from your ear through your shoulder, hip and knee.

Sucking in your tummy and tucking in your tush on a regular basis will help strengthen your muscles and improve your appearance and mood.

Practice good posture when going through menopause.

When standing:

1. Hold your chest high.
2. Keep your shoulders back, relaxed.
3. Suck in your tummy and tush.
4. Keep your feet parallel.
5. Balance your weight evenly on both feet.

When seated:

1. Choose a chair that allows you to rest both feet flat on the floor, keep your knees level with your hips.
2. Sit with your back firmly against the chair. Place a small cushion behind the curve of your lower back, if needed.
3. Keep your shoulders relaxed
4. Tuck your chin in slightly.
5. Keep your upper back and neck comfortably straight.

Practice good posture daily. Think about it when you are at the office, making a meal, doing chores, at the store, getting out of the car, and during exercise.

Having good posture will become automatic the more you practice. Good posture will help prevent injuries during exercise.

I have always been embarrassed about my 34 DD’s rolling my shoulders forward to hide them. It is always a conscious effort to practice good posture. When I do, I feel better about myself.

If you are not practicing good posture, ask yourself, “Why?” Are you ashamed? Lazy? Too weak? Hiding something? Suffering from low self-esteem?

When you have the answer, give yourself a big HUG. Then suck in your tummy and tuck in your tush, and show the world today that YOU MATTER, you are beautiful, you are lovable, and you are strong!

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