Are You Confident?

Thank you for participating in our recent Self-Confidence Survey.

The results

80% of women had a negative body image
42% like who they are
63% felt confident that they had something they could do better than anyone else
56% feel they have something beautiful about themselves
100% see the beauty in others
50% are happy with their lives
52% felt they have a purpose
56% feel secure in who they are
What does this information mean to women?

Most women have a poor body image, but we see the beauty in others.

8 tips to improve your self-confidence and body image

Make self care a priority
Exercise most days of the week
Eat nutritious foods and watch your portions
Practice self love
Don’t compare yourself to others
Make pampering time
Do not let the media define beauty
Practice a positive attitude
When we are healthy we feel more secure. When we are secure, we can feel confident. When we feel confident, anything is possible.

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