Less than $9 a meal. Designed for menopausal women. Chef-prepared & delivered
"I’ve lost over 55 pounds during my Menopause Makeover! I look and feel 10 years younger." -- Jane
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Judy1_047 I am here to tell you the incredible truth. Twelve weeks after starting The Menopause Makeover... I lost 22 pounds! That is just unbelievable. The boost in energy I feel is great! The fatigue is gone. I am energized. My emotions are stable, even upbeat and giddy sometimes! It's been a decade of struggle. I've been fighting depression, and hot flashes for many years.

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Ladies, finally an easy-to-read brochure that shares the latest science on hormones and menopause.

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Win a copy of The Menopause Makeover!It's easy, join our Facebook page and let us know YOU want to win!

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What's Your Ideal Weight?

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FREE essential planner downloads! Create your own personalized Menopause Makeover planner! Set goals and track results, document symptoms, journal your feelings, prepare your food plan and shopping lists. Click here.

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iStock_000001172115XSmall The yummiest coffee mocha protein shake - perfect for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

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The ultimate guide to taking control of your health and beauty during menopause