Judy’s Story

Judy’s Menopause Makeover Story

Age: 53 I am here to tell you the incredible truth.  Twelve weeks after starting The Menopause Makeover… I lost 22 pounds!

That is just unbelievable.  The boost in energy I feel is great!  The fatigue is gone.  I am energized.  My emotions are stable, even upbeat and giddy sometimes!

It’s been a decade of struggle. I’ve been fighting depression, and hot flashes for many years.

Judy1_047My self-image was sharply deflated, and as a single working mom at 53, I had little time, and no energy to devote to myself.  I have never had any success with weight loss.

Staness, the amazing makeover queen, has given me the tools to lose the weight.

The Menopause Makeover Food Pyramid has been a formula that suits me perfectly. I don’t get sluggish and grumpy.

Thank you Staness for creating a sensible and balanced way to LIVE.  Not only through menopause, but forever!

I feel wonderful.  My life looks and feels better than ever!

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