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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

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Fashion Flasher, Deb Chase of NoNonsenseBeauty Blog is hosting the latest tips from my FAV bloggers on health, fashion, style and beauty – check them out.

Fashion Flash logoI am so excited about hosting  Fashion Flash this week.  Our bloggers are bursting with new ideas and insights:

* Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Gufferman thinks there are so  many reasons  why taking a nice long  walk is a really good thing. And this is just one of them.

* Kari of Fab Over  Forty  has found an easy way to refresh during the day.

* Have you ever heard of chicken skin? Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that those pesky bumps on your upper arms are actually Keratosis Pilaris that can be hard to treat. Not to worry. She has a three step system that  gets the  job done.

* Does low bone mass mean osteoporosis? Find out the answer from Moving Free with Mirabai.

* Who doesn’t love Paris?  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards has found a way to bring Paris to you.

* Black Cat Plus  has an important message– Fat shaming  and discrimination is one of the last forms of acceptable bullying behaviours and it is necessary  to speak up and take a stand

* Diva Debbi loves a good bargain and she has found a drugstore product that  is just  as good as  its pricy competitor.

* Staness of Menopause Makeover wantts you to know about the special benefits of cinnamon for women.  Not only is does it have anti-inflammatory agents, it also fights fat storage!  Its easy to add cinnamon to your life with  recipes from her new book Eat Like A Woman ( Harlequin)

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