How to Maximize Your Workout

meno-fitnessresizeAre you exercising at your target heart rate?

Once you commit to an exercise regime, your secret weapon is utilizing your target heart rate ensuring an effective workout. The target heart rate (THR) is your pulse rate per minute, and it can guide you through safely exercising while maximizing your routine.

What is your target heart rate? Click here.

Wear a heart rate monitor when exercising to track your target heart rate. During cardio sessions your target heart rate range should be between 60% (fitness zone) and 80% (aerobic zone) of your maximum heart rate. Monitoring your target heart rate is a great way to make sure you are pushing yourself hard enough to get the fat burning and cardio results you want.

Set goals using your target heart rate. Pace yourself if you have been inactive. If you are not at 60% of your target heart rate, push a little harder and watch your fitness level improve. Within six months of regular exercise you may be able to exercise at 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Always discuss your exercise choices with your healthcare provider.

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