6-Week Menopause Makeover Challenge

July 5th we begin the next Menopause Makeover challenge!

It’s FREE for SIX WEEKS!  This challenge we are focusing on EXERCISE.

We will address:

  • What type of exercise is best for you
  • When to do it
  • How long to do it
  • How many days a week to do it
  • What excuses come up to sabotage your goals
  • How to overcome a busy schedule
  • Our attitude towards exercise
  • Making time to exercise

We will continue to honor the Menopause Makeover food pyramid SIX days a week.

Start getting ready TODAY!

  • Read Chapter 3: Feeding the new you, how food can set you free.
  • Read Chapter 4: Exercise it off.
  • Find your target heart rate (THR). You can do the formula on page 73 or click here for a THR calculator.
  • Take the quiz on page 76.
  • Do the one-mile walk fitness test. You will use the result as a tool to track your progress.
  • Figure out your favorite excuse on page 80, and think of a solution to overcome it.
  • Make a planner to record your food intake and exercise. FREE downloads here.

Why am I focusing on an EXERCISE challenge? I have discovered that women are busy taking care of everything in life, we don’t HAVE time to exercise, don’t MAKE time, and would rather control our food intake than put on our sneakers and break a sweat.

Why is this challenge important?

  • Exercise is as important as healthy eating habits!
  • You will have more flexibility in your food planning if you exercise.
  • You will FEEL better because all those feel good hormones kick in when you work out.
  • You can improve your heart and bone health.
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces stress.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Strengthens your joints.
  • Lowers your blood pressure.
  • Builds muscles! Muscles burn calories!
  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Is an instant facial – sweat cleans your pores better and faster than a facial!
  • Lowers your risk of type 2 Diabetes.

Click here to buy “The Menopause Makeover” and join this six week challenge today!

Click here to register for this PRIVATE forum.  Once you register, email your Community ID name to:


After I receive your forum name, I will then email you with the PRIVATE link so you can join our incredible community! EASY!

Think about HOW exercise can benefit your life. Visualize a healthy, vibrate, tone, strong YOU.

July 5th is the beginning of a new way of life that celebrates YOU, your time and your body!  NO MORE EXCUSES!

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