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I’m Mirabai Holland, this week’s Fashion Flash Host. Our brilliant Fashion Flashers have an ecclectic mix of essential information for you. Tune in and say in touch!

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While our Fashion Flashers were busy formulating their Fabulous Flash Posts, I was high in the Rocky Mountains shooting a video about walking. That thin air at 11000 feet gets you to thinking. So I came home and wrote this article about Walking From Your Core. Here’s my experience, please share yours.

Yours In Health,


I’ve been shooting some walking sequences in the Colorado Rockies these past couple of weeks and it’s been spectacular. We planned it just right. The aspens are turning gold, and that clean crisp flavor of Fall is in the air.

It’s a perfect time to walk, and walking is about as perfect a human exercise as we’ve got. It’s a great combination, Fall and walking: not too hot, not too cold, lots to look at. And, doctors always want us to walk when the tell us to get some exercise. I wonder if they walk themselves. So your doctor should be very pleased when you call and say “I’m starting a walking program, what do you think”? Do check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any issues that will keep you from brisk walking, and then if all’s good, get to it.

Besides getting a great cardiovascular workout you’ll strengthen and sculpt your legs and butt. If you swing your arms you’ll get some shoulder action too; all this while leaf peeping, or people watching if you’re in the city, and enjoying the fall air.

There’s been plenty of buzz lately about core exercise and how a strong core, the abs, back, butt and upper thigh muscles, can keep you mobile into old age. There’s a lot of truth to that. The core muscles hold you torso erect and promote good posture and general body strength.

If you do it right, walking can strengthen your core and improve the way you walk at the same time.

A weak core makes you slouch and walking slouched messes up your gait and can even give you back injuries. Start by standing tall with your head over your shoulders, shoulders over your hips, hips over the feet, abs pulled in. If you’re not used to it, it’ll feel like work at first. But, try keeping that posture while you walk, even for 5 minutes at a time. It will become more and more comfortable. You’ll start to realize it’s the natural way for humans to stand and walk. Your gait will improve, your core will get stronger, you’ll be less fatigued and you’ll enjoy your walks more. And won’t you look cool and snappy out there with that perfect gait.

I’ve got another week of walking in the Rockies for a living and I’m enjoying every minute of it; being out in the open air, checking out the fall color and looking cool and snappy.

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