Jayne’s Story

Jayne’s Menopause Makeover Story

Age:  50 something Jayne is the amazing woman who launched the eharlequin.com Menopause Makeover community.  When we first met via phone prior to the book release, she confessed that she wanted to lose weight and start feeling good about herself again after reaching menopause.

After 12 weeks, our fearless leader got her groove back.

Jayne’s Story

I’m totally amazed by the results after I finally pulled out the measuring tape last night to measure my 12-week progress.

I have lost over 20 pounds, over 4 inces off my hips, two inches off my waist and one inch off my abdomen.

I don’t have the lumpie stuff going on anymore, the back fat seems to be gone, and I’m doing up my bras one clasp smaller.  My arms are tone too.

I’m feeling so much better about being in my own skin – it’s a great feeling!

I had someone at the office approach me today to tell me that my skin is glowing that I look amazing and at least 10 years younger.

This was much more than a book promotion for me, it was a personal journey.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping me regain my health on so many levels.

Thought you might like to see how my efforts are paying off in my new more fit Menopause Makeover body (I’m the one in the orange hat below with my daughter)!  I’m back in close fitting tees and sleeveless tops, and although I’ll never be as slim as my baby girl, I don’t look TOO shabby standing next to her.

AND just today I nipped into an outlet mall that is conveniently located enroute…my wallet wishes it weren’t, but I usually get such good deals that I rationalize the expense. I’m wearing a size SIX dress today (self portrait from my cell phone above). Yes, you heard me … SIZE SIX!!!

I nearly ran out of the fitting room squeeling when I put it on and it fit like it was made for me!  I’m sure the salesgirl must have thought I was insane as I went on about how I loved the dress ($15) and I loved my Menopause Makeover plan that got me into it.  Thank you Staness!

NOTE from Staness:  Thank YOU Jayne for your inspirational story, and kudos to the amazing women in our eharlequin Menopause Makeover community for their incredible support and enthusiasm.

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