Fashion Flash

JoJami and Deborah from Fabulous Over 40 are hosting Fashion Flash!

“Every week we share with you our Fashion Flash tips and today we’d like to introduce each of our over 4o blogging experts.

The Fashion Flash is our select group of top over 40 Fashion and Beauty Bloggers that share their tips to inspire and keep you up with hot products and news. We think you’ll enjoy each of these blogs. You will enjoy these tips that are just for you, our Fabulous Over 40 ladies! ”

prime beautyAnti-aging technology has come a lot way but skincare in a pill?  Cindy over at Prime Beauty has discovered the newest innovation in anti-aging skincareImedeen, a skincare tablet. Follow her on her journey to better, younger looking skin!

Fab Over 40

Fab Over 40 shares holiday makeup tips from Dior Celebrity and National Makeup Artist, Jeffrey Sanchez.


Black Cat Plus is recognized for helping women love their bodies no matter what their size is.

No Nonesense Beauty Blog

With New Year’s Eve   just ahead, Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  looks at the health benefits of caviar and champagne.

Menopause-MakeoverAre you at your healthy weight? Do you know your body fat percentage? What’s your target heart rate for exercising? Get your  FREE health calculators from!

Fab Over 50

Geri’s trying the Imedeen ® anti-aging supplement for three months. Will it get to the root of her wrinkles and lines? Read more at Fab Over Fifty.

Female Fat Loss Over 40
Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert, Shawna K has a quick bodyweight workout that you can do at home or while traveling this holiday season. There’s no excuse not to do a little exercise no matter where you find yourself.

Aging Backwards

Sweet! Jackie Silver from talks about the beauty of raw honey.

Moving forward with Mirabai Hollender

Mirabai Holland, Women’s Fitness Expert, helps you get and stay fit with these Ten Easy Tips!

Nuvosa Skin CareEnter to WIN this set ofNuvosa Skin Care!

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