Is Botox safe if you have allergies?

Expert: Dr. Carlin Vickery

Partner, 5th Avenue Millennium Aesthetic Surgery
Associate Clinical Professor in Department of Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Ranked as one of NYC’s top board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Vickery was one of the first women to train in plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery.  Dedicated to innovation throughout her 30 year career, she continues to use cutting edge techniques to achieving long lasting, optimal, aesthetic improvement of the breast, body and face.

Dear Dr. Vickery,

I am 49 and have terrible frown lines between my eyes.  Suffering from bad allergies (Penicillin, aspirin, Cipro and many others), and environmental substances (dander, dust, pollen), is Botox a safe option?

In all likelihood, Botox will be an excellent and safe option for your frown lines.  Reported allergic reactions are limited to patients with a sensitity to Albumin and to those who have already been exposed to Botox and have showed sensitivity.  Many patients with the allergies you describe have successfully had Botox treatment.  Discuss your concerns with a qualified physician, and if you want to be cautious, you could always have a small test dose before you have a full treatment.  Good Luck!

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