Is drinking coffee making you fat?

Used over the long term, caffiene actually reduces your metabolism. You come to need increasing amounts of caffiene just to stay alert. The slower metabolism actually causes you to gain weight on less food.

It raises cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for fat storage in the body.

It causes your blood sugar to spike. Then after the caffeine begins to wear off your blood sugar plummets. This causes you to crave sugar. In other words you think your hungry when you’re really not. This is obviously counterproductive to your weight loss goal. Have you ever noticed you crave carbohydrates after a cup of coffee. This is why. Your body is tring to get you to eat some carbohydrates to get your blood sugar back to where it should be.

The end result of caffeine is really fatigue. After caffeine wears off you are tired. Then you have more caffeine. Then you are tired. By the end of the day most people who drink coffee are exhausted and they dont know why. This fatigue makes it difficult to exercise which is a one of the most important ways we should be getting our energy.

Coffee not only is proven in women to add fat to the body, it has also been proven in studies that people who drink coffee sleep much less.

Also, many of us use creamers and/or sugar = more calories.

Coffee will dehydrate you. Depending on your intake of coffee, you may be ruining all that extra water you have been drinking to reduce your body storing water.

People who drink too much coffee may have some stomach problems. The caffeine irrates the lining of the stomach as it has a heavy acidic content.

Caffeine may also cause the body to lose calcium, and that can lead to bone loss over time.

Drink one cup or less of caffeine a day and enjoy lots of fresh water!

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