Geri Brin, founder of, “I’ve Still Got It!”

Geri Brin is a new cyber friend who has touched my life by encouraging me to think big and live my dreams.  We have never met in person, but she feels like family.

Geri was Vice President of Publishing at Fairchild Publications for 23 years.  She also wrote two books and freelanced for publications including New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Parents Magazine and the New York Daily News Magazine.

How did I met this incredible woman?   Geri invited me to join her amazing world at and share information about menopause with her community!  Women over 50 are connecting!

I am so excited for you to meet  Geri.  She is an inspiration.  She is committed to empowering women over 50 – yay!  Geri STILL HAS IT and she shares “it” with you in our interview.

Question: What inspired you to create

Geri: It was time that “baby boomer” women were celebrated for their accomplishments, passions and successes. We are the most exceptional generation of women ever and will be inspirational to women for generations to come.

Question: How did your previous career as a fashion publishing executive prepare
you to launch FOF?

Geri: Through my career, I’ve had the great opportunity to meet many women of style and substance all over the country, and by style, I mean more than fashion sense. I mean strong values, intelligence and a desire to share what they’ve learned with other women.

My experience also taught me to understand what women want to know about other women and what they want to share.

Question: What is your message to women over fifty?

Geri: The best really is yet to come, but it’s up to you to make sure where and how to find it.

Question: You are a woman of substance, ­ what is YOUR FOF style?

Geri: From a fashion standpoint, I’m somewhat funky and not afraid to try new looks all the time. I mix gold and silver jewelry, checked and striped clothes and dressy with casual. I like comfortable. From a business standpoint, I love to work with challenging, passionate, hard-working people. From a personal standpoint, my style is outgoing, direct and embracing.

Question: Why did you create Date My Single Kid?

Geri: To help my single 31-year-old son, and all single “kids” find the mates of their dreams. Who better than moms know what their kids need. FOF like to share everything, including their offspring.

Question: How does your son describe you?

Geri: Hmm I guess he’d say I’m his best friend, but also a pain in the neck when I ask too many questions or want to fix him up with every single girl I meet.

Question: What is your secret to managing a busy career with your personal world?

Geri: I am blessed with a great storehouse of energy, which has always let me multi task with a vengeance. But, honesty. I don’t think it’s possible to keep it all in balance all the time. Sometimes, my work consumes me. Other times, I’d rather knit all day or go shopping with my daughter.

Question: What things are left on your bucket list?

Geri: To take history and literature classes; to go to Paris dozens more times: to make FOF a big brand: to do nice things for as many people as possible, one by one by one, especially my sisters; to see my children and 4 nephews live happy healthy lives.

Question: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in your life, what
would it be?

Geri: Bring back my father, who died at 69.

Question:  What’s YOUR “I’ve Still Got It!” moment?

Geri: Launching a cool website at 62.

Geri’s website has the best giveaways and a strong community of women. Whether you want inspiration, to set up your single kid, go shopping, network or get informed has it.  But for me, Geri is a reminder that you can live your dreams at any age.

Geri Brin still has it and is going strong!  What’s YOUR “I’ve Still Got It!” story?  Leave a reply and inspire others.

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