How To Find A Menopause Clinician

Portrait of a happy mature female doctor with hands foldedDear Crabby,

The past year I have been suffering from night sweats, a low libido, irregular periods and terrible moodiness. I think I am perimenopausal, but my general practitioner says it is stress from my divorce (yes, I am getting a divorce on top of everything else). I live in a small town and irritated that there are few doctor choices. How can I find a menopause healthcare provider in my area? I don’t mind driving a couple of hours; I just want to start feeling better.

Irritated in Idaho


Dear Irritated,

It is no surprise you are frustrated suffering both physically and emotionally. I applaud your commitment to find a healthcare provider who is right for you.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful nonprofit organization that can help you find a menopause clinician in your area with a click of a button! Founded in 1989, The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) is North America’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the health and quality of life of women through an understanding of menopause. What I like about NAMS is that they provide information that is both accurate and unbiased, not for or against any point of view. They have a link on their homepage to “Find a Menopause Clinician.” It is located at the bottom of the homepage. After you click that link, you will be directed to enter either your US ZIP Code, State/Province, or Country, then click “Search” button. A list of clinicians will be presented.

I took the liberty of checking practitioners in your area and noted five NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioners, all accepting new patients!

Dear Crabby
Who believes no one should go through menopause feeling “irritated”

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• Sleep problems
• Loss of libido
• Dry vagina
• Irregular periods
• Headaches
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