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Need extra support in the love department? FIERA has a non-hormonal solution! Enter to WIN this device that could spice up your love life.


Stimulate your relationship “before-play” with FIERA

We have all been there…we want to have sex, but we are too tired, or distracted or having trouble getting stimulated.

Dr. Leah Millheiser, Assistant Professor in the Department of OB/GYN and Director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program at STANFORD UNIVERSITY says, “Before-play” is the NEW foreplay.

“Women can now warm up before jumping right in.  Waning libido causes men to take their magic pills, but women now have a non-invasive, solution to counter libido loss and avoid side effects altogether.

As we age, or after giving birth or entering menopause, our hormone, estrogen and testosterone, levels shift, causing up to three-quarters of women between the ages 45 and 58 to experience a drop in libido and challenge arousal due to less sensitivity and blood flow to our lady parts.

Don’t give up.  Remember, we don’t give up reading when our eyesight gets worse, we get a pair of reading glasses.  Women can compensate by taking more time, energy, and attention to awaken or re-awaken lost sensations.

Fiera, the first of its kind device that works to enhance sexual arousal and increase desire, naturally.  This tiny, discreet, hands-free device encourages blood flow to the clitoris, and provides direct stimulation, encouraging lubrication….before-play, before foreplay, before any play.  With no pills.  No hormones.  No side effects.

Women report that regular use of Fiera over a 4-week period increased their level of sexual desire so they are ready and excited when the moment is right.


One LUCKY WINNER, who is randomly selected, will receive a FREE Fiera.

Just leave a comment on the Fiera GIVEAWAY post on our Facebook page to be entered.

Winner is announced November 30, 2017.

Product details:

Helps encourage blood flow in the clitoris, a key physical reaction that signals your body that you are ready for sex.

Provides direct stimulation, encourage vaginal lubrication.

Small, discreet, and hands-free

Unlike a vibrator, use of Fiera is not intended to enable a woman to reach orgasm.

This is a SPONSORED GIVEAWAY and does not reflect the opinions of


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