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Fashion Flash

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This week, Fab Over Forty is the host of Fashion Flash!  We have some exciting new news this week, too!  Fashion Flash has a You Tube page! Be sure to check it out as we will be adding more and more videos over time.

Read the latest Fashion Flash from Kari at Fab Over Forty!

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Fashion Flash

Mirabai from Moving Free is hosting Fashion Flash.

“It’s Fashion Flash Monday! I’m delighted to be hosting our 40+ women’s Fashion Flash this week. We, Fashion Flashers give you the latest, and greatest fashion, beauty, health, and fitness info, tips and deals. Check us out and let us know what you think!”

Check out:

  • FabOverForty’s celebrity beauty looks you can recreate at home.
  • BlackCatPlus shares a debate about body image.
  • The Best Of Everything After 50 thinks we should be doing one thing every day for fitness.
  • FabulousAfter40 chats about the latest Carole Middleton fashion controversy.
  • Prime Beauty has a surprise beauty gift worth over $100.
  • AgingBackwards uncovers tips about your best colors.
  • No-Nonsense compares cell growth factors and Retin A.
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Fashion Flash

Cindy from Prime Beauty Blog is hosting Fashion Flash.

“Fashion Flash is a roundup of the best over 40 bloggers on the internet today and I’m thrilled to be hosting this week! The entire country is suffering from a cold snap making it the perfect time to stay curled up indoors with a cozy blanket, a cup of coffee and your computer. Read what our over 40 experts have in store for you this week, I guarantee it will be time well spent!”

Check out this week’s tips:

  • Winter green packed anti-aging nutrition
  • Visualize your goals
  • Look stylish when its could outside
  • Beauty in the kitchen
  • How to wear the boho trend
  • Fashion tops for full figures
  • How to control hunger
  • New anti-aging cream
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Start your Menopause Makeover with chef prepared meals!

Start your Menopause Makeover TODAY with chef prepared meals by the number one meal delivery service* … BistroMD!

Special deal for the Menopause Makeover community!

I am excited to share a meal delivery service that honors the Menopause Makeover Food Pyramid, catered to women and our unique metabolism during menopause.

BistroMD has a food program for women going through the menopause transition, including heart healthy and low sodium meals, and meals for women who are diabetic!

I have personally selected BistroMD for my Menopause Makeover community because BistroMd was created by the highly respected Ed and Caroline Cederquist: the foodie and the MD.

They believe food is medicine and that nourishing your body with the right nutrients will help you achieve a healthy weight.  The power of science combined with GREAT-tasting, REAL food.

BistroMD understands that the ability to manage your weight is affected by factors like your age, your hormonal changes, genetics and stress.

They have over 200 delicious entrees that are hand-prepared by chefs and planned by registered dietitians.

I love that you can choose your meals.  The Odyssey Chicken Crepes with Waldorf Apples for breakfast is a great way to start your day.  Slide into lunch with the scrumptious Citrus Glazed Chicken and end the day with Jerk Tilapia Red Pepper Coulis – so yummy!

They have a 5-day plan and a 7-day plan.  I enjoyed the 5-day plan because I often meet friends out for dinner, and I would save my uneaten BistroMD meals for the weekend.

As I was writing The Menopause Makeover sitting in front of the computer 10 hours a day, BistroMD meals kept me healthy and feeling full so I did not gain weight from grabbing poor food choices because I had no time to cook.

bistroMD Free Shipping

There is no MSG, no trans fat, not freeze dried, and no aspartame in the entrees!

Using natural ingredients and not altering their natural state makes BistroMD the perfect choice to start your Menopause Makeover!

Get your own personal chef with BistroMD – it’s Menopause Makeover approved!

ORDER NOW and get our community discount! Click on the image.

*In a blind taste test against other weight loss meal delivery programs, BistroMD ranks #1 with a 5-star rating from Next

BistroMD was reviewed and ranked the highest against Jenny Craig, Diet to Go, eDiets: Fresh Prepared, Biggest Loser, and Nutrisystem programs. BistroMD was the only meal delivery program rated five stars for all its meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner—in the taste test.

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Fashion Flash

New Year 2014 Fashion Flash

Black Cat Plus is so excited to have one of the first Fashion Flash posts for 2014!!

Fashion Flash is a weekly round-up of the best fashion and beauty posts from 40+ bloggers! Take a look below!

Let’s see what is in the news from our fabulous Fashion Flash Bloggers!

FabOverForty reviews French Women Don’t Get Facelifts.

PrimeBeauty chats about a great make-up foundation.

The Best of Everything After 50 has the scoop on nookie over 50.

Aging Backwards warns about smoking and skin health.

No-Nonsense tests a home reedy for dry skin.

Moving Free has fitness tips.

Fabulous After 40 chats about wearing white during wintertime.

Happy New year!

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