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Fashion Flash


FashionFlashNEWlogoBarbara Hannah Grufferman from the Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash this week.  Great tips from our FAVORITE bloggers!

From Barbara: “It’s that time of year again! If you’re like most people around the world, you’re busy making a lengthy list to make major changes in your life: lose weight, new job, eat better, more sex, and so on.
But, why not do something a little different this year? Try this: throw out your list, sit back, relax, grab a cup of green tea or glass of heart-healthy Pinot Noir, kick off your heels, shoo everyone away, and get into the “Happy New Year!” edition of FASHION FLASH! Yay!

Our fab FASHION FLASH bloggers have pulled together the best of everything in style, health, fitness, nutrition, and more . . . and it’s all here!”

Tips on how to look your best to getting fit to getting rid of dull skin to feeling beautiful at any size and my favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail recipe.  Check it out!  Click here.

Happy New Year!

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What’s in a Name? Vaginal Atrophy Rebranded

As a health advocate for menopausal women, I often see uncomfortable responses when I mention “vaginas,” from excessive feet tapping and unnecessary shifts in body position to painful grimaces. Even the word “menopause” evokes a squirm encouraging a change of subject. Combine these two words and it is no surprise the terminology used to diagnose menopausal vaginal symptoms needs rebranding.

Last year, Novo Nordisk invited a small group of menopause bloggers to brainstorm
solutions that would help knock down those taboo vagina barriers, so women and
their health care providers could openly discuss vaginal atrophy … you may know it
as thinning and drying of vaginal walls due to declining estrogen.

One solution tossed on the vaginal atrophy think-tank table was changing the name
since the word “vagina” is already shunned in the media.

As reported in the New York Times a couple of years ago, three networks rejected a Kotex commercial, because it used the word vagina. When they subbed it with “down there,” one of the networks aired it.

Per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, atrophy is defined as “a wasting away or progressive decline, decrease in size or wasting away of a body part or tissue.”

The 2012 Vaginal Health: Insights, Views & Attitudes (VIVA) survey found that as many as 75% of postmenopausal women felt vaginal atrophy had a negative impact on their life. Combine the word “vagina” with “atrophy” and this duo leaves many women feeling uncomfortable talking about this, leaving them to suffer in silence. Its taboo nature may be causing women to avoid seeking help.

How does a woman know if she should seek help? Common symptoms of vaginal atrophy are vaginal dryness and itching, painful urination, recurrent urinary tract infections and pain during intercourse.

If you suspect you are suffering from vaginal atrophy, discuss your symptoms with your health care provider. A symptom tracker with tips on how to discuss this potentially embarrassing topic with your health care provider is available at:

With so many treatments available, including over-the-counter lubricants, vaginal moisturizers and prescribed systemic and/or local hormonal and non-hormonal options, there is no reason a woman’s vaginal health needs to be compromised or her sex life retired because of terminology that can evoke shame or embarrassment.

So what’s in a name? When it comes to vaginal atrophy, a woman’s health and even her relationship may be compromised. No matter the name, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to your health care provider.

By Staness Jonekos, Co-Author The Menopause Makeover
Medical reviewer: Wendy Klein, MD, FACP

I am a member of  GLAM™ (Great Life After Menopause), a women’s health
initiative sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

Visit for more information on the vaginal
symptoms associated with menopause and tips on how to speak with your doctor
about them.

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Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoDeb Chase hosting Fashion Flash this week.   Our bloggers  have assembled a great selection of  posts that reflect  the fashion, beauty and health needs  for this time of year:

* Jodell from BlackCatPlus shares an inerview on Katie Couric that  encourages plus size women to start moving.

* Deb at Fabulous After 40 wants you to  look gorgeous  AND save money.  With all the expenses of the holidays, she doesn’t want you to blow your Christmas budget on a single dress.

* Heather lost 52 pounds during her Menopause Makeover and her family lost weight too.  What are you giving yourself for Christmas this year?

*Still busy with work and holiday parties?  Kari from Fab Over Forty has a look to take you from office to office party and make-up by ther reknowned Sandy Linter.

*  Do you have alligator skin? Jackie from Aging Backwards consulted experts for  dry  itchy winter skin tips.

* Positive Aging guru  Barbara Hannah Gufferman  of  The Best of Everything After 50 knows how dry everything can get… especially after 50.  But don’t  despair because help is on the way!

* Cindy form Prime Beauty found a fabulous gift  for the traveler. Whether you are going away  for the weekend or a long distance trip, you will definately want the Jonny bag with you.

* Moving Free with Mirabai helps you get a jump on New Year’s fitness resolutions with   the top five holiday workouts.

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Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash is hosted by the FABULOUSLY styled Deborah Boland at Fabulous After 40!

Fashion Flash is a weekly roundup of the best beauty and fashion tips for women over 40 from 10 of the best Fashion, beauty, and health bloggers on the Web. Here’s what all the ladies over 40 are buzzing about this week:

-Deb from NoNonsense Beauty investigates Retin A.

-Jackie from has tips on keeping your energy up over the holidays.

-Prime Beauty has the latest on soothing peels for the perfect holiday glow.

-Over 40? Need to keep those upper arms covered? 40+Style has suggestions for styles with sleeves.

-Jodell from BackCatPlus shares the latest foreign retailer for the plus size market.

-Kari from Fab Over Forty reveals the beauty secret to the stars.

-Barbara from Best Of Everything after 50 has hair tips on how to love your hair.

– I have some holiday de-stressing tips.

ENJOY – Happy Holidays!

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Interview with Dr. Mache Seibel, My Menopause Magazine

I had the most amazing conversation/interview with Dr. Mache Seibel who has dedicated his life to women’s health!

He is known as America’s Most Innovative Health Educator, and after meeting him… HE IS!

We discussed the 8-step 12-week Menopause Makeover program.  He is so committed to health and has an incredible website,, with tons of info on menopause and overall health!

You can subscribe to his My Menopause Magazine, by clicking here.

My Menopause Magazine, interview with Staness and Dr. Seibel, click this link to read.

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Fashion Flash

The ageless Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash this week!

Check out the fabulous styling, beauty and health tips from my FAVORITE bloggers:

  • Embrace your hair with tips from positive aging expert, Barbara Grufferman.
  • Great gift sets from the tarte Gift of Giving Holiday 2013 Collection from Cindy at Prime Beauty.
  • Dress your body type featuring the hourglass figure this week from 40+Style.
  • Protect your skin from the elements of winter from Jodell at Black Cat Plus.
  • Kari from FabOverForty has a giveaway to win some cool headphones.
  • Look great for a holiday party with tips from Deb at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.
  • Mirabai from Moving Free tells why and how you can dance yourself to FIT.
  • Deborah Boland at Fabulous after 40 shares tips on how to get that ‘look’ of black leather leggings just right.
  • And I share the latest on hormone disruptors and what to buy and not buy at the grocery store.
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    Fashion Flash

    Fantastic styling, health and beauty tips from the sensational Cindy at Prime Beauty Blog.

    -Check out custom dresses from Kari at FabOverForty

    -Is short hair for you?

    -Are you dressing age appropriately?

    -Find out about the perfect exercise to get back in shape.

    -Every girl needs booties for the winter.

    -How to dress plus size silhouettes this holiday.

    -Tips on how to enjoy the holiday treats without weight gain.

    -My tips on feeling sexy all year long.

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