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Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash

Hi ladies! It’s Mirabai from I’m your host this week for Fashion Flash Monday August 26, 2013. We’ve put together a 40 plus women’s ePotpouri of information for you. We’ve got it all, essential oils, recipes, exercise, grooming, beauty secrets, health and plus size news. It’s all here today, just a quick click away.

ab_logoagingbackwardsbannerAromatherapy goes back to ancient times. Jackie Silver from sniffs out the benefits of essential oils.

stillblonde2fashionflashbannerStill Blonde after all these Years shares her recipe for Baked Asiago Chicken. A quick easy recipe sure to please Women over 45.

Best-of-Everything-50-227x300Positive Aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman wrote the book about living your best life after 50 . . . and wants to show you how to get everything “below the belt” back in shape . . . fast.

fab40_-smbanner_11aprThinning hair is a common problem in women over 40, and it can be a real downer. Style expert Deborah Boland shares simple hairstyles that will make your thinning hair look thicker and stylish.

FabOver402Want flawless looking skin and lighten age spots? Fab Over Forty checks out this new product customized to your skin tone.

FFBlackCat-300x96Fashion mega brand Diesel uses plus size models in its newest ad campaign and demonstrates there is real beauty in body diversity.

PRIMEBEAUTYScreen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-6.15.05-AM-300x62Cindy from Prime Beauty was introduced to a Japanese beauty secret that is 1500 years old and she’s sharing her discovery of the Konjac Sponge with us!

menopause-makeover-300x84Many of us think we are eating healthy, but often unaware of hidden calories and nutritional information.  If you are struggling with weight loss, check out the nutrition in your favorite foods with this FREE nutrition label calculator from  Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.

nononsensebeauty-300x74Deb of No-Nonsense Blog finds out which health news to trust.


Here’s a little Flash that may make a difference in your life.

A study from the Mayo Clinic has revealed that menopause and weight gain are linked because proteins that store fat do a better job of it when estrogen is lost after menopause.  They also cause fat to be burned by the body more slowly. So weight gain after menopause is hard to fight.  A study from University of Pittsburgh points out that postmenopausal women gain about 12 pounds 8 years following menopause. Something else happens too. Even women that don’t see weight gain after menopause experience a shift in body shape that expands their waistline. That’s because lower estrogen levels cause fat to shift from hips and thighs to the belly.

Menopause and weight gain is a serious health issue, not just a cosmetic one. Belly fat has been linked to higher incidence of heart disease, and being overweight in general puts you at greater risk for Diabetes, and some types of Cancer.

So what does one do about menopause and weight gain?

Spot reducing doesn’t really work. The only real way to get rid of that belly fat is to lose weight everywhere and sculpt your body with exercise.

Let’s talk calories.

1lb of weight equals 3500 calories. So to lose 1lb a week, exercise 200 calories off with about a half hour of moderate Cardio a day and eat 300 calories less every day. That’s 500 hundred fewer calories per day. Multiply by 7 days will you’re on track to lose one pound per week. What can make this process easier is combine Cardio with Strength exercises. Cardio burns calories and Strength speeds up your metabolism to keep you burning more calories even after you exercise. Try this anti-menopause-and-weight-gain routine. Of course always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

·        Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, do 30-60 minutes of moderate Cardio exercises like brisk walking, swimming, biking jogging, or dance exercise videos.

·        Tuesday Thursday and Saturday do a full body sculpting strength routine

You’ll need some stick toitiveness, particularly for the first couple of weeks. But, I can tell you from experience, this approach works. Keep me posted on your progress.

For more health and fitness information for women and in home exercise programs

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Fashion Flash


Cindy from is hosting Fashion Flash this week!

“Welcome to Fashion Flash, the best in fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle for the over 40 woman. I’m thrilled to be hosting this amazing group of talented women this week!  Take a seat on the patio or by the pool and see how exercise may lower your risk for breast cancer, the pros and cons of your favorite veggie, ancient beauty secrets and what to wear at sea.”


Exercise may lower breast cancer risk. New research is starting to provide an answer by showing that aerobic exercise seems to change how our bodies break down estrogen. Check out the best aerobic exercises to reduce YOUR risk on


Black Cat Plus address the reasons why there is a shortage of good, plus size clothing.


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  explores the pros and cons of America’s favorite veggie.


Try this Ballet Barre Workout in the water created by Mirabai Holland, Women’s Fitness and Wellness Expert. It tones and elongates the muscles of your lower body while using your core muscles to help keep you upright and balanced.

Fab Over Forty

Want to look fabulous in as little as 15 minutes? Dana from Fab Over Forty reviews a facial mask that she loves!


History reveals ancient beauty secrets. Jackie Silver from has uncovered the Geishas’ time-tested tips.


Want trend setting clothes that look lovely on Women over 45?  The Chief Blonde, Shelley Zurek, from Still Blonde after all these Years takes you out to Sea to find them!

The-Best-of-Everything-After-50 logo

Positive Aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks every woman should have her very own personal ‘style muse’. Who’s yours?

f40 loggo

With only a few more weeks of summer, it’s now or never to get that tan. Style expert Deborah Boland shares her best self-tanning tips – what you need to know now to avoid looking fake.

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Hormone Disruptors in Our Food

Important information when purchasing food!  Hormone disruptors are dangerous to your health.

Our species evolved in an environment where, for a hundred thousand years or so, the molecules we encountered were natural and our bodies were able to metabolize them.  However, in the mid 1800s, chemists began synthesizing carbon-based molecules that our bodies don’t break down, and some of these stay in our bodies for years. Today there are countless new artificial molecules in our environment, from those that make our hair smell nice or our fingernails look pretty, to cleaners or pesticides.

When selecting produce, choose fruits and vegetables that have the least exposure to pesticides. Apples, celery, and tomatoes typically have more pesticide residue than, for example, cantaloupe, sweet corn, grapefruit, or sweet potatoes.

Environmental Working Group‘s 2013 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Eat fruits and vegetables!

The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure. Use EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides™ to reduce your exposures as much as possible, but eating conventionally-grown produce is far better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all. The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ will help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic. You can lower your pesticide intake by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and choosing the least contaminated produce.

For the second year, we have expanded the Dirty Dozen™ with a Plus category to highlight two crops – domestically-grown summer squash and leafy greens, specifically kale and collards. These crops did not meet traditional Dirty Dozen™ criteria but were commonly contaminated with pesticides exceptionally toxic to the nervous system.

Though the Environmental Protection Agency has been restricting the uses of the most toxic pesticides, they are still detected on some foods. For example, green beans were on last year’s Plus list because they were often contaminated with two highly toxic organophosphates. Those pesticides are being withdrawn from agriculture. But leafy greens still show residues of organophosphates and other risky pesticides. That’s why they are on the Plus list for 2013.

Tests in 2008 found that some domestically-grown summer squash – zucchini and yellow crookneck squash — contained residues of harmful organochlorine pesticides that were phased out of agriculture in the 1970s and 1980s but that linger on some farm fields.

Genetically modified plants, or GMOs, are not often found in the produce section of grocery stores. Field corn, nearly all of which is produced with genetically modified seeds, is used to make tortillas, chips, corn syrup, animal feed and biofuels. Because it is not sold as a fresh vegetable, it is not included in EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Nor is soy, another heavily GMO crop that makes its way into processed food.

The genetically modified crops likely to be found in produce aisles of American supermarkets are zucchini, Hawaiian papaya and some varieties of sweet corn. Most Hawaiian papaya is a GMO. Only a small fraction of zucchini and sweet corn are GMO. Since U.S. law does not require labeling of GMO produce, EWG advises people who want to avoid it to purchase the organically-grown versions of these items.

Dirty Dozen PlusTM Clean Fifteen TM             Dirty Dozen PlusTM Clean Fifteen TM

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Fashion Flash

Late Summer Edition of Fashion Flash by Jodell Raymond of

I am so honored to be a part of the Fashion Flash!

Winding down for the last weeks of Summer. At Black Cat Plus, we are getting ready for Fall! Exciting items coming in daily!

You get the best-of-the-best with these amazing women!  So,see below, for this week’s best from our fabulous bloggers as they talk about getting the most out of the last few weeks of Summer!

Kari from Fab Over Forty shares with us how she takes her summer beauty to fall beauty with her favorite beauty transition pieces.

It may be the end of summer, but keeping a healthy weight year round is important especially during the winter months.  Eating high-protein snacks can curb cravings and increase has a great list of high-protein snacks to help you obtain or maintain your healthy weight.

Prime Beauty introduces the LUNA, a new skin cleansing and anti-aging device that has her ready to abandon her beloved Clarisonic. Read her review and enter to win your very own LUNA, a $200 value!

Positive aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman interviewed world-famous dermatologist Dr. Doris Day for her book, The Best of Everything After 50, and discovered that simple skin care always works best. Want to know the secret to great skin at any age?  Read On...

Summer may be winding down, but the colorful fingernails trend is still going strong! Style expert Deborah Boland from Fabulous After 40 shows you how to freshen up your manicure with one of thesepopular nail trends that will flatter your fingers.

Women’s Fitness Expert Mirabai Holland shows you how to use cross training to stay cool in summer’s heat.

Summer winding down signals back to school. That means less time for morning beauty and skin careprep. Jackie Silver from has shortcuts every mom could use for school day – or any day – beauty.

Deb of No-Nononsense Beauty Blog explores a popular protein powder as a beauty food.

Meet our newest blogger, Shelley Zurek of Still Blonde After All These Years.

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Fashion Flash

Summer Hair Tips and More in Fashion Flash August 5, 2013

Jackie from is hosting Fashion Flash: “I love when it’s my turn to host Fashion Flash! There are always great posts from some of the best fashion, beauty, anti-aging and fitness bloggers in the business, and it’s an honor for me to compile them all in one place here for you!

This week, get some great summer hair tips, including two of our experts’ take on cool summer braids! You’ll also learn about easy, great sun protection, the hottest casual party dresses of the season and more. Keep reading and thanks for sharing with your friends!”

menopause makeover

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are great for your hair! Enjoy this healthy, easy-to-make, Menopause Makeover approved broiled salmon recipe.

Going to a backyard bar-b-que or pool party? What will you wear? Style expert Deborah Boland from Fabulous After 40 shows you the hottest casual party dresses of the season.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog finds an easy way to get great sun protection.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of The Best of Everything After 50, thinks women can wear braids and still look stylish and sexy. Find out how to make braids work for you.

When the weather heats up, keep cool with stylish summertime braids! Cindy from Prime Beauty shows you her take on how to wear braids.

Speaking of summer hair, Fab Over Forty gives us a demonstration on how to create soft, frizz-free curls without using a curling iron.

Black Cat Plus has suggestions to stay safe and in style for plus size and every size this summer by wearing  cool, comfortable clothing.

When you’re 40, or even 50+, your fitness needs change. Exercise smart, not hard. Jump-start your in-home exercise program with this five minute easy exercise video from Moving Free With Mirabai.

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